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Name Eugene Lin
Focus Acting and Communications
Education Diploma in Drama
Experience 20 years


Teacher Eugene is a graduate of Lasalle-SIA School of Performing Arts Drama and has been actively working in the local theatre, education and entertainment scene for the past 20 years.

He founded his own company, Euphoria Productions, in 2005 and ran it for 6 years before pursuing a different career path in 2011 with Disney’s The Lion King Musical. Euphoria Productions specialized in events, performances, theatre productions, drama education and shows. It was difficult to close the company but a chance to work on a world-class musical with world-class talent was simply too big of an opportunity to pass up. Functioning as a mechanist and deputy head of stage right crew on the show, Eugene’s responsibilities were many and included performing vital cues during the running of the musical. He was the only local crew that was tasked with such a position and performed one of the most difficult tracks in the show.

From 2005 – 2011, in addition to running his own company, Eugene was a full-time theatre practitioner and performer with many years of experience on stage, TV and musicals. Including a stint on TV as the host of a local program entitled Little Coach on OKTO. During the same time frame, Eugene was also an educator as he taught drama, musical theatre, speech and drama, communications and theatre studies for students of all ages at various institutes, schools, companies and universities.

Eugene also wrote, directed and produced 2 milestone events for the Singapore Police Force, a full length musical in 2004 and a first of its kind feature film in 2005 and has written, directed and starred in 7 full length original musicals in the period of 2006-2010. Eugene then spent 4 years at Lorna Whiston Schools specializing in Speech and Drama, Acting for Adults and Musical Theatre. During his time there he also functioned as a Head of Department of Teacher Training for Lorna Whiston. Following which he functioned as Creative Lead for Act 3 International before coming on as Head of Drama and Communications at Academie Of Stars.

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