Twinklestars is a training program for 3-year-olds to introduce them to performance through songs and dance. In Song and Dance Performance, the students will develop performance repertoire and develop skills in singing, dancing, and stage presentation


Develop confidence
Develop foundation in vocal production in singing
Develop expressiveness in presentation
Develop appropriate repertoire for performances
Present performances on stage

This performance training program consists of the following components:

Musicianship and Singing
Build the right foundation in vocal production and aural skills. The objective is to sing in pitch, produce good tonal quality, and sustain proper breath control.

Students learn to role play and use their imagination to create characters and stories. Understanding the meanings of the songs sung develops empathy and vocabulary.

Performance Development
In this component, exercises are conducted to build confidence and personality. Putting together movement and singing; emoting through facial expressions, and learning stagecraft is the beginning of a triple threat performer and the essence of this program.

Students who completed a year of training (2 semesters) will obtain a Certificate of Completion from Académie of Stars. 

The students will perform 2 - 3 repertoires on stage every end of the semester without the trainer‘s guidance:

Stellar Concert
✰ Training Period: January - May
✰ Stage Performance: May

Starlight  Concert
✰ Training Period: July - November
✰ Stage Performance: November

Class Level


S$40 / class
  • 3 years old
  • Group Class Type
  • Performance Training Track
  • 20 sessions / semester
  • 1 hour / weekly

Our Trainers

Maria Galang

Our Protégés

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