TwinkleStars is a our proprietary triple threat program that is wholistic. It is a training program for preschoolers to introduce them to performance through drama, songs and dance.


Develop confident triple threat performers
Develop musicality in singing
Develop skills in acting through songs
Develop dance foundation and technique
Develop knowledge of musicals, scenes, situations and characters
Develop appropriate repertoire for performances
Present performances on stage

Here are the components in this program:

Singing, Musicianship and Performance development

Students who completed a year of training (2 semesters) will obtain a Certificate of Completion from Académie of Stars. 

Stellar Concert
✰ Training Period: January - May
✰ Stage Performance: May

Year-End Concert
✰ Training Period: July - November  
✰ Stage Performance: November

Class Levels


S$40 / class
  • 3 years old
  • Group Class Type
  • Performance Training Track
  • 20 classes / semester
  • 1 hour / weekly

Our Trainers

Maria Galang

Our Protégés

Parents' Testimonials

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