Don’t just take it from us, let our students, parents, and alumni do the talking. 

“Kuo Po and her entire team at Académie of Stars have played a pivotal role in my daughters’ performing arts journey. Since we joined eight years ago, I have seen marked improvement in their acting, singing, dancing and communication skills. More importantly, they are also growing up to be confident and strong young women. The school has truly become their second home and they love every moment spent there with like minded friends! Thank you KP and your amazing team!”


KAREN MCGREGOR (Mother of Alicia and Kayla McGregor)

Parent since 2010 | Class(es): Direct School Admissions and Junior Elite (an Elite Protégé class)

“Kuo Po has set up an environment where kids feel safe exploring their passion and talent, surrounded by like-minded children and guided by Trainers who care about them and understand them, nurturing them to reach beyond their capabilities. We are very fortunate to have found KP and her academy when Melissa was 8, and very shy, but through patient guidance and the many opportunities given her, has blossomed into the confident performer and young adult that she is now.”

BRIDGET YEO (Mother of Melissa Hecker)

Parent since 2013 | Class(es): KAoS (an Elite Protégé class)

“Annette was in the Junior Elite showgroup and DSA preparation class, and was given so many opportunities to perform alongside veterans like Dick Lee and in front of many other luminaries like President Halimah, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and many others. She had always enjoyed performing, and the brilliant and talented teachers in Académie of Stars honed her confidence and nurtured her to be an even better performer. Their creative execution of the many performances and shows were astounding - every performance is special and so experiential, making all the performers look like true professionals. The warm and loving environment amongst teachers and students is also very moving for us - we see her really treating Académie of Stars as her second home, and we had never seen her so happy before!”

LINETTE LIM (Mother of Annette Yeong)

Parent since 2010 | Class(es): Direct School Admissions

“It was our son, Zach’s extreme shyness that led us to seek out a performing arts school that would help build up his confidence. We had noticed that in kindergarten performances, he would awkwardly drift to the back corner and not participate. We are so glad that we found KP and her amazing team! After 18 months of singing, dancing and talkshow classes, Zach has blossomed and is now a different little boy! He performs fearlessly on stage and actually loves it! Signing up for classes with Academie of Stars has been one of the best investments we could have made for Zach - and now Sara, his younger sister is also building her confidence via the same route. A big THANK YOU to KP and all the dedicated teachers!”

MAVIS TAN (Mother of Zach and Sara Edwards)

Parent since 2016 | Class(es): Talk Show, Musical Protégé, and Hip Hop Dance

“Freya has developed and grown so much in her confidence, vocal skills and language. Teacher Maria is a fantastic teacher and Freya absolutely loves her Musical Protégé class.”

YUEN SHI WAN (Mother of Freya Guo)

Parent since 2017 | Class(es): Musical Protégé


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