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ADULT (18 and above)



Ballet is the perfect discipline to develop posture, alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination and grace.

If you are new to Ballet then our Open Ballet Classes are the perfect way to start your journey. These classes are also suitable for those of you seeking to refresh your skills. Our beginner level lessons provide a fun introduction to Ballet. They will cover basic ballet principles in a supportive environment.
Ballet terminology will be explained and demystified. The classes will cover barre work, centre practice, allegro (jumps), pirouettes (turns) and some choreographed phrases.

Our adult ballet classes are suitable for all experience levels and are an inspiring way to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Topics covered will generally include:
Basic ballet vocabulary and the purpose of each exercise
Develop strength, flexibility and better posture
Improve coordination
Broaden awareness of the body in space
Put techniques into practice by mastering simple choreographic phrases

Leotard/Stretchy clothes, close-fitting t-shirt, tights (pink ballet tights optional).
Footwear: Ballet slippers (leather/canvas).