Let our photos from shows, events, castings, and competition speaks on what we do.


Housing 3 dance studios: BARYSHNIKOV, BTS, & SHIRLEY, 3 music rooms: BEYONCÉ, JJ LIN, SINATRA, 1 classroom: SHAKESPEARE, a recording suite: ELLEN + ADELE, a video production studio: TARANTINO and a recital hall. Our studios are also open for public who wants to rent it at an affordable price. 

Great Day Out RoadShow

15 July 2018, Sunday
Marine Parade, Singapore

PERFORMERS: Averlynn Ong | Jyotsnaa Jayashanker | Keane Yap | Leong Su Nin | Melissa Hecker | Nicole Ng | Pan Yu Hui | Verlene Chew | Zach Edwards

Académie of Stars Ambassadors performed at Marine Terrace Hawker Centre for the The Heart Enterprise’s monthly free event for the special needs community This time it’s held under the auspices of Marine Parade RC and WeCare Marine Parade as part of Marine Parade Gives Back month in July.

Cathay Cineplexes Anniversary

28 - 30 September 2018, Friday - Sunday
Parkway Parade, Singapore

PERFORMERS: Adele Wee | Angel Low | Asher Mendelsohn | Averlynn Ong | Bastien Buwalda | Dawn Yap | Estovan Cheah | FabulAoS | Janelle Wong | Jonas Hong | Jyotsnaa Jayashanker | K.A.E | Kayla McGregor | Keane Yap | Leong Su Nin | Melissa Hecker | Nicole Ng | Nicole Tan | Pan Yu Hui | Phoelia Ang | Prasheela Ramesh | Syah Riszuan | Zach Edwards 

Académie of Stars was invited to perform at Cathay Cineplex Parkway Parade’s first anniversary. Showcasing our talents to spice up the event. We are thrilled and honored to be part of this celebration. Congratulations Cathay Cineplexes!