About Us


Welcome to our constellation of talents in the universe of performing arts!


Académie of Stars is a company focusing on developing phenomenal stars across the Asian region. It is an academy that offers programs in performing arts and communications.


Included in our business is a talent management service for our students to ensure they are professionally engaged during and after their training on an international platform.


Focusing on young talents ages 4 to 25, the Académie provides a holistic staple of internationally  recognized syllabi in music, dance, theater and communications.


Our proprietary Protégé Stars program has a triple threat-performance training curriculum that leads to both certification and performances.


Riding on the wave of technology and social media, Protégés of Académie of Stars benefit from being cast in

our production of music videos, short films and infotainment programming on our dedicated web channel, VidAoS™.


To be Singapore’s leading talent academy producing the best quality training in Performing Arts 



Creating phenomenal stars across the regions.



★ It provides a holistic staple of internationally recognised syllabi in 
     music, dance,theater and communications.
★ Our triple threat program “PROTEGE” leads to branded IP 
     performing groups marketed regionally
★ Académie of Stars has a in-house talent agency that promotes 
     talents for productions in all media
★ Académie of Stars has video and audio recording facilities to 
    produce web content featuring our talents.
★ It is a one stop solution for performing arts students



We believe that every individual has star qualities.These can be 
brought out by having:
★ Expertise in skills
★ A confident personality
★ A professional Attitude
★ Opportunities to actualise the talent