About Us


Welcome to our constellation of talents in the universe of performing arts!

Providing courses in music, dance, acting and communications, Académie of Stars will impart elements of performing arts skills to their students to maximise their opportunities on traditional and digital platforms.

Académie of Stars is located at The Yards, in Joo Chiat. In the premises of our late founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s primary school, it is a creative hub for talented youths to hone their skills and develop their artistry. Housing three dance studios, 5 music rooms, a recording suite, a video production studio and a recital hall, we are proud to be the first in Singapore to be a training center as well as a casting house for talents. With ample space for our children to be close to nature, Académie of Stars is an ideal venue for our after-school “My Hangout”.

Académie of Stars is a new initiative by Kuo Po in collaboration with movie production company, MM2 Entertainment Pte Ltd. Kuo Po also founded Kids Performing Academy of the Arts (2004-2018). Her students have performed in New York’s Carnegie Hall, Disney Paris and Hong Kong. On home ground, Kuo Po had worked with different producers to train and provide young talents for their shows. This includes cultural medallion, Mr Dick Lee, Singapore Evening for World Leaders 2009 at the Esplanade, ASEAN TOURISM DINNER GALA and HOMETEAM 50th Anniversary show, and CHILDAID 2017.


Ensuring every Académie Star has the qualities to maximise opportunities in diverse media.


Creating phenomenal stars across the regions.


★ It provides a holistic staple of internationally recognised syllabi in music, dance,theater and communications.
★ Our triple threat program “PROTEGE” leads to branded IP performing groups marketed regionally
★ Académie of Stars has a in-house talent agency that promotes talents for productions in all media
★ Académie of Stars has video and audio recording facilities to produce web content featuring our talents.
★ It is a one stop solution for performing arts students


We believe that every individual has star qualities.These can be brought out by having:
★ Expertise in skills
★ A confident personality
★ A professional Attitude
★ Opportunities to actualise the talent.